How much am I looking to earn after I qualify?

After your fully qualified how much will you earn?

Newly qualified Dentists that have undergone their 5 year studies in a Dental school and take their Supervised Practice, will usually earn between £30,000 to £30,200.

Some Dentists are self employed and they tend to mix private patients with NHS and can earn up to £100, 000 a year, sometimes even more.

However, If you decide to be a private Dentist your salary can range from £130,000 to £140,000. Again, this all depends on how much work you take on and what you decide to specialise in. As the salaries of some of the most top paid Dentists can extend pass the £150,000 a year mark.

From the National Careers Service1 It was recorded that:

Dentists   Salary
Newly Qualified Dentist working with the NHS £30,132
Salaried NHS Dentist working for local NHS £38,095 – £81,480
Consulted Hospital Dentists £75,249 – £101,451
General Practice (self Employed) Depends on the type of work you specialise in and how much work you do and this can vary.
Self Employed Dentists who cover both private & NHS Patients £50,000 – £110,000 + more