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Dentistry Mock Interview & Personal Coaching

PassDental’s Mock Interview course has been specifically designed and structured to deliver the feeling of a real dental interview.

Not only will we challenge your UCAS application, we will ask similar questions and more on what you will be expected to know on the day of your interview. Having a team of experts, PassDental are proud to have some past and current interview panel members on our specially tailored course.

PassDental will encourage you to achieve your best performance and enhance the quality of your answers that you should be giving. During the process at PassDental you will automatically gain courage and develop your knowledge for your interview enabling you to succeed and exceed the demands required of you during the application process.

Personal Coaching Services

With our years of experience and insight to what can be a daunting moment in life, we assure you that by attending this course you are placing yourself on a high standing to do well and stand out from other applicants.

Even the very best require that bit of extra help for such demanding situations which is why we have made available a PassDental Personal Coaching service.

Mock Interview & Personal Coaching

We believe that such a holistic approach to achieving the best from our students is the way to success. Having some of the most highly trained and experienced dentists from the UK and abroad, we are delighted to offer this service to coach our students.

The Personal Coaching service is second to none and being mentored by influential professionals from the dental industry allows our candidates to address any of their concerns and provide a confidential personalised service where each difficulty can be conquere.

We know that even the very best self-preparation can benefit from a bit of extra help, so as part of our holistic approach, we incorporate personal coaching for students. Utilising our team of highly trained dental professionals from the UK and abroad, students receive professional coaching on an unparalleled scale.

This unique opportunity consists of mentoring from influential dental professionals & students allowing our candidates to address and conquer concerns specific to their situation and needs. A typical session lasts for 90 minutes and covers 2 mock interviews, various exercises (including an in-depth discussion of interview hot topics) & personalised feedback.

Your progress is continually evaluated throughout your session to ensure you are improving and closer to acheiving your goals. Every attempt will be made to tailor your coaching to your strengths and weaknesses. Multiple sessions can also be scheduled over one or more days for additional support.



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Skype Interview

We have a Skype option to make this course more geographically available.

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