Passdental The MMI Assessment
The MMI Assessment

PassDental understands that interview formats are evolving and the process of evaluation is changing. The needs to explore the difficulties of challenging interviews, techniques and what is required, allows us to keep up to date with the current format to maximise success for every student.

The Common assessment such as the MMI (Mini Multiple Interview) format. Is a simple but effective interview process, that enables the faculty members to see how you process information and articulate yourself. We have just added another 3 stations to our circuit without a rest station to give you not only 12 unique MMI stations but also value for money with our courses.

At each station you will be required to answer a series of questions in a visual, kinaesthetic or auditory approach within a small time frame. Some stations are mentor based, some imagery and others verbal. A station without a mentor will be Information based questioning, in which you will have to write the answers out yourself and it will be assessed after.

You will visit each of the stations on-by-one; be seated and then be asked different questions during that period of that time. These questions have been collated together to challenge the thoughts and ideas of students.

Once the time is up you will then move to the next station and begin the process again of answering questions in a practical or theoretical style. You will be expected to change your style of answering and bring your individuality forward. Thinking carefully and responding at ease should be a necessity once you've completed you full block of interviews and seen all mentors. The Interview block will be approximately 2 hours in total and is recommended for all students to engage in.

This is a distinctive and helpful procedure because you will learn how to conduct yourself and speak freely with confidence each time you visit a station. The mentors will ask various questions which will enable you to:

·       Work under time pressure.

·       Give principled reasoning

·       Learn communicational skills

·       Problem solving

·       Give you valued feedback for you to improve before the big day

·       And be confident with your answers


The PassDental Multi Mini Interview process is a representation of the real life simulation, of a real interview. We aim to mimic and represent a real life simulation, enabling you to experience this on a first hand basis with our knowledge and expertise.

Each mentor will be from different schools and institutions, which help create a varied approach on what they may be looking for. As they hold different experiences, ages, background and personal understanding, alongside their input in the dental field which will help deliver a successful and unique interview with the student.


This gives you the chance to impress the university panel and show them you are a worthy candidate by building up your confidence and delivery in interview speaking.

This course will push abilities to the limit allowing you to explore your strengths but more importantly your weaknesses which can be improved on the day. At the end of the course you should gain the merits and sufficient qualities that will help you excel through your actual interview and be self-assured, with yourself on the day.


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