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UKCAT Dentistry

Imagine yourself in a position with impeccable grades, an incredible personal statement but no offer, why? Because you have a poor UKCAT score. To have an overall successful application, you need to achieve the best in every aspect of the process. Nine of the dental schools take the UKCAT into consideration, some before deciding whether to give you an interview or not. As you will be aware, dentistry is a very competitive course so getting a good score is crucial otherwise the chances of being invited for an interview are reduced.

UK Clinical Aptitude Test Dentistry

Universities use the UKCAT score as part of your application in various ways with some emphasising it more than others. However do not allow this to limit your application choices and remember that there are only thirteen dental schools in the country, so a high UKCAT score means a higher chance of being a successful candidate.


UKCAT Dentistry

PassDental Tip!

Make sure when visiting the open days, you check with the university how they consider the UKCAT, then make an action plan before you sit the UKCAT exam on a list of universities you will apply to with a high score and vice versa.

Our UKCAT Course

We have an affiliation with KAPLAN, which is one of the best UKCAT coaching schools in the country, to help our students by offering them the best teaching programme around - both theory and strategy teaching is provided. Our UKCAT course is very intensive, but helps students gain vital skills such as:

  • Being critical when reading information.
  • Working under pressure in time limits
  • Going through various strategies encountered within the test.
  • Using certain time saving methods within the exam
  • Students are given an assortment of theory questions to aid them in becoming accustomed to the UKCAT examination with template questions with explanations.
  • We provide a pack of practice tests and answers, comprehensively checked by our team.
  • Our courses are taught by professional qualified teachers who are accustomed to the UKCAT syllabus.

We understand that the UKCAT is a very distinctive type of examination and therefore revising for it can be very difficult. That is why we provide the best help you can get, in order to prepare and get optimal results. We will be focusing on all four sections within the UKCAT test which are listed here:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Decision Analysis
UKCAT course programme
Arrivals and registration
Introduction to the UKCAT and general strategies
The verbal reasoning subtest
The quantitative reasoning subtest
Seated hot lunch
The abstract reasoning subtest
Tea and coffee
The decision analysis subtest
The situational judgement subtest


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