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What's the difference between the 'Interview Day Course' & 'Personal Coaching & Mock InterviewCourse?'

Both courses achieve different goals. The Mock Interview consists of you sitting with a dentist/dental student being given one-to-one tailor made advice to your personal application. This course lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes and is booked by appointment only. We begin this by taking your personal statement apart prior to your interview by pin-pointing and identifying various extracts within your personal statement which you may potentially be asked. We will then begin the course by giving you an intensive interview asking you a variety of questions along with critical feedback and tips on developing your technique. If your interview is Multi-Mini-Interview (MMI) based, then we will simulate the interview in the way that will be helpful towards tackling the MMI (e.g. We will time how long your question responses are to ensure they fit that MMI time scale) . Following the first Mock Interview, we also go through various exercises and talk about certain topics which are likely to come up in the interview. We finally wrap up the session with a second final Mock Interview and we are glad to say all our previous candidates have had big improvements in the second mock interview as compared to the first. We have achieved excellent feedback from the Mock Interview Sessions.

Our Interview Day Course is a very holistic & informative day hosted at various locations nationally. This is a full 9am-5pm day and we cover a whole array of topics which you will find beneficial ready for your interview day! Our talks are hosted from Current Dental Students and Dentists for example with specialist interests and also recently graduated dentists. This day is less tailor made to the Mock Interview and Personal Coaching but once again we have received excellent feedback from this course too because of the depth of detail and knowledge students had taken away from this day making them feel much more prepared for their dental interviews.

Many of our students have attended both courses and have found them both very useful in different ways resulting in helping them get their dental school offers!

What sort of things should I expect an interview course day?

Our interview course days incorporate various aspects of the dental admissions process. They are packed full of information for prospective dental students. We host a multitude of talks and lectures by various dental professionals, ex-interview panelists and the dental students. We will be discussing the variety of topics around in dentistry especially those which are commonly asked at dental interviews. Furthermore we will be practising model answers and also helping you develop your tailor-made bespoke answer. We will be having a dental sponsors such as Philips dental care and GlaxoSmithKline giving out advice about their role in providing essential dental care and also will be handing out some freebies too!

If I book an event and later realise I cannot make it, do I lose my payment?

We can offer you a place at another one of our venues, subject to availability. There is however £25 transfer fee for any changes are made. If we do not have any availability, then unfortunately we are not able to refund any bookings.

If I choose more than one PassDental course, do I get a discount?

Yes, off course you do! When you purchase our 3 main courses together (Interview Day Course / The MMI assessment / The Mock Interview & Personal Coaching course) onto the checkout. Please e-mail us your Invoice number at: and we will process you a £20.00 GBP reimbursement as a multiple course discount!

I have paid for my course, how long will it take to hear from you?

We aim to process of bookings within 24 hours once the payment has gone through. Then depending on which course(s) you have booked, you’ll receive a booking confirmation email with course event instructions..

Are PassDental courses available in my area?

We try to provide our courses to as many regions nationally as we can. You can find out where we are holding our events by visiting our ‘Courses’ tab. However if you feel there is a region we should include our events and courses, drop us an email at:!

Do you have any success stories?

This is pretty evident on our testimonials and videos page, however we wish for all of our students to be successful and we are confident that we can be part of your success story, hence our guarantee motto!

Our course is tailored for all individuals, no matter how confident, your success is our success.

How do I know I’m getting value for my money?

We believe there is no other course in the UK that will offer you current dental affairs, experienced dentists and students voicing their opinions and advice and other healthcare professionals/ academics under one roof. PassDental has been designed for the single purpose #YOURSUCCESS.

We are a company made of Dentists for the Future Dentists, so value has always been at heart. Read more information on our group discounts and other promotional material.

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