no offer
no fee
The team at PassDental are confident in saying that should you as our student not gain a single offer for your Dental University application, we will reimburse 100% of the PassDental Interview Day Course fee.

This bold statement is made not only to show you our commitment to your successful application but also to portray our dedication to customer service.

To enable to claim your refund, our students must fit the following criteria:

  • The delegate must have attended both PassDental Interview Day Course & PassDental Mock Interview course entirely.
  • The delegate must have a UKCAT score of a minimum 2600 points and provide proof from the UCAS admissions system that NO dental offers had been made. (This clause is exempt if the student has applied to all university institutions which do not accept UKCAT.) If the student has applied to all institutions which do not require the UKCAT, we will then require the grades 'AAA' in their final A2 examinations as a substitute.
  • The student must be offered a minimum of 2 interviews in that academic year and sit these after attending both our PassDental Interview Day Course and PassDental Mock Interview and Personal Coaching courses.

We at PassDental do not encourage failure as success is our only vision.

If you feel you are legible for the Money Back Guarantee, please e-mail us with the relevant details described above of your application to support your claim to: by 30th April 2017.