I totally recommend this course to students who are thinking to engage themselves in the Dental profession but are struggling or even uncertain with Interviews. However, before you attend your interview and go in unprepared the PassDental Mock Interview Day Course will give you an advantage and better insight for what is to come. In the Mock Interview and Personal coaching course, the Mentor went through the same process when she applied to university, she was able to give her personal insight of the approach on topics and how she handled it. She helped me with my Personal statement and gave an in-depth analysis with comments and things I should expand or elaborate on. The mock interview was intense yet informative, and reviewed ways in which I could be challenged on my actual interview day. Again this course was informative and worth every moment. Thank you to my Mentor and PassDental

– Helen Rawcliffe (London, UK)

I am not a PassDental student, but a Parent. I'm very pleased with the outcome of the course and what you have offered my son. I'm also very grateful for the rapid responses and accuracy to attend to the needs of my son. You have answered all of my questions and queries and I humbly appreciate your service and deliverance of the Mock Interview & Personal Statement course along with the Interview Day Course. It's nice to know that there is help from other professionals like yourselves who are willing to take the time out and help our young prospective students. Keep up the good Work.

– Mr A Wong (Guildford, Surrey)

PassDental was brilliant. I don’t think I’d have gotten the successful offer I received from Bristol Dental School if I hadn’t participated in PassDental! The guys helped so much, getting first hand advice and guidance from not only a qualified dentist, but also dental students was highly beneficial! I’d recommend PassDental to anybody who has secured a dental interview!

- Bhavin Thaker (Bristol, UK)

As I was a gap year student, I was a little sceptical when booking the course because the organisation I used last year didn’t help me as much as I wanted. However, I was very impressed with the quality of the courses, the level of response and communication that PassDental offered. They kept me informed every step of the way with confirmation emails and courtesy calls. Any questions I had on my Interview slot, they answered. To me communication was outstanding and at a high level that a lot of these interview course organisations lack. To me that's important. The Interview Day Course was the best course for me personally. I learned so many things, some I did not even consider to be part of a dental interview and they ended up coming up in my actual interview at Bristol University. The mentors on the day even stayed longer than scheduled to answer our final questions.

– Rahul Patel (Birmingham, UK)

“Dear PassDental Team,

My daughter Naomi says and I quote:

“I can honestly say that I was challenged beyond my limits, on both days, by the PassDental Team, but it was this that made me feel determined and ready for my interview. There is no doubt that without their professional help I would have not succeeded. I am more than grateful for their time, enthusiasm, energy and really appreciate all of their support. I would recommend them to any student who is serious about a career in Dentistry.”

– Mr Senior" (Plymouth, UK)

The Personal Statement Checker Course helped me incredibly, I was given an in-depth analysis and a personal critique of my Personal Statement. Now I can complete my final draft and extend on it more, before my deadline date!

– Jasdeep Singh (Edinburgh, UK)

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