At PassDental we are always at the forefront for our students, so our webinars are tailored to what our students need based on the feedback we receive each year! We believe that this will excel our students in the following situations:

Students applying for Dentistry who are living a distance from the cities where PassDental are hosting the Interview Day Courses. Thus the webinars allows our expertise to become more geographically available for all our students! Now all you need is to sit, relax and enjoy the informative talks of which some of the information being covered at the Interview Day Courses from the comfort of your home!
Students who have been called up for an Interview in two days and the next available PassDental Interview Day Course not available! What do you do?! There's no need to worry, all students can access the PassDental Webinars 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help give them the best advice and top tips from Dental Professionals & Students to enhance their interview technique!
Having been to the PassDental Interview Day Course perhaps sometime some time ago, and for those students who have now a few gaps in their knowledge. PassDental webinars can be used to top-up and re-familiarise our students with key topics that they may have studied at the PassDental Interview Day Course and these will re-enforce their knowledge closer to that crucial University Interview date.